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at the Prince Charles Cinema on Wednesday 28 August

It's that time of the year: FRIGHTFEST time!

For the occasion Terracotta Film Club will be playing the dark thriller romance REVENGE: A LOVE STORY

Police are investigating a serial killer who targets pregnant women and the media have labelled him ‘The Dissector’. At the scene of yet another such murder, undercover detectives comb the area and find a known suspect, Chan Kit (Juno Mak), and bring him in. Chan Kit remains silent throughout the physically brutal interrogation and is released without charge. If Chan Kit is not the killer, then who is?

A thriller with a star cast: Sola Aoi (BIG TITS ZOMBIE), Juno Mak (DREAM HOME), Tony HO (Sex and Zen 3D), Chin Siu HO (Mr. Vampire).

Wednesday 28 August at 8.45pm doors open/ 9.00pm film starts
Ticket price: £ 7.50 (Prince Charles cinema members £ 5.00).

Dir: Wong Ching-po, starring: Juno Mak, Sola Aoi, Chin Siu HO.
Runtime: 90 min. / Cert.18 / Horror Thriller / 2010 / Country: Hong Kong / Cantonese language with English subtitles.

Terracotta Distribution launched this monthly film residency in January 2013 at the legendary, cult Prince Charles Cinema in London with a mission to offer the chance to enjoy Asian films regularly on the big screen, right in the heart of London. Previous Film Clubs editions showcased Jackie Chan’s POLICE STORY, Pang Ho-Cheung’s VULGARIA, Prachya Pinkaew’s CHOCOLATE and Wong Kar Wai’s DAYS OF BEING WILD.

UK's biggest J-culture event 26-28 July 2013

Terracotta Distribution DVDs, GYO: TOKYO FISH ATTACK, HANSEL AND GRETEL and BIG TITS ZOMBIE 3D are all on sale today through to Sunday at HYPER JAPAN .
Just look for the Third Window Films booth near the food demonstration stage, where you will find lots more excellent titles on sale.

two very different films

You couldn't get two films that were more different.

Timed to coincide with Chinese New Year, on Monday 23rd January, RED LIGHT REVOLUTION gets it's official UK release at The Prince Charles Cinema, having won the Audience Award at Terracotta Festival 2011 and a string of international film festival accolades.

The press say: “If you see one sex shop comedy this year, do not miss this one!”

The hilarious feel-good comedy tells the story of a down on his luck Beijinger (sacked by his cab company, wife runs off with another man) who throws in all his chips to open a sex toy store. Little did he know that he was a target of a high pressured sales scheme operated by a gangster who will break his legs if he doesn't deliver a weekly payment.

Nor did he realise the bureaucratic nightmare of opening a store in China. To cap it off, the neighbourhood he chose is full of geriatrics!

Shot by Sam Voutas, an Australian brought up in Beijing, it's been compared by the press to The Full Monty.

Tickets are £10 and are available in person or via the PCC website:

On the same day, REVENGE: A LOVE STORY gets a release on DVD - this is the UNCUT version and we hope many fans will want to see Wong Ching Po's gory masterpiece in it's entirety.

You can order your copy on Amazon, or pop into your local HMV, FOPP or alternatively, morrisons, sainsburys, asdas, tescos and pre-order your copy tomorrow with your Sunday shopping.

Too violent for cinema, now's your chance to see Juno Mak as a serial-killer targeting pregnant women, alongside Japanese superstar Sola Aoi in her first Cantonese speaking role.


Yes, it's true.

In amongst trying to save the company after we lost all of our stock in the UK riots (which some media sources, fittingly for a film scenario, are purporting to be a heist job - , we managed to sign a new film.

Wong Ching Po's REVENGE: A LOVE STORY is going to be the second title in our new TERROR-COTTA label and it will be released in cinemas in UK this November.

Terracotta Festival goers will have seen it already earlier this year (

Starring award winning Juno Mak (DREAM HOME) and Sola Aoi (BIG TITS ZOMBIE), the film is about a serial-killer who targets pregnant women (and cuts out their unborn child), told from the point of view of the killer.

The film is still making the festival rounds internationally (having picked up numerous Best Film and Best Actor awards already) and we are delighted to be able to release it in the UK.

Full news item is here:

serial killer love story

fourth film out of our 14 premieres: REVENGE:A LOVE. STORY.

Juno Mak and Japanese superstar Sola Aoi in dark violent thriller about a serial killer targetting pregnant women.
see the trailer:

5th-8th May 2011

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