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Pitch-black study of lust and guilt as controversial as Lars Von Trier Films.

We are very excited to announce details of our latest acquisition ...

After a packed screening at Terracotta Far East Film Festival in May and Q&A with lead actor, SEO Young-ju, Terracotta Distribution will release MOEBIUS, Kim Ki-duk's daring portrayal of a dysfunctional family, filmed entirely without dialogue.

“ ... Moebius is one of the most powerful experiences of the year." - Pierce Conran, Twitch Film

“A weird, powerful, engaging, utterly bonkers Oedipal fairy tale.”- Little White Lies

The film will open at the CURZON SOHO and cinemas nationwide for one week only from Friday 8 August, including a day and date release with Curzon Home Cinema.
The Irish opening is set for Friday 15 August at the IRISH FILM INSTITUTE.

More MOEBIUS news, competitions and cinema information coming soon!

With: CHO Jae-hyun as Father (CROCODILE, THE ISLE, BAD GUY, THE WEIGHT), SEO Young-ju as Son (JUVENILE OFFENDER) and LEE Eun-woo as Mother/ Young Woman

About KIM Ki-duk
Born in 1960. After studying art in Paris, KIM Ki-duk returned to Korea and began his career as a screenwriter. He made his directorial debut with a low-budget movie, CROCODILE, in 1996. Since then, KIM Ki-duk has been hailed by both critics and audiences for his hard-to-express characters, shocking visuals, and unprecedented messages.
Selected filmography: The Isle (2000), Address Unknown (2001), Bad Guy (2001), The Coast Guard (2002), Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring (2003),Samaritan Girl (2004), 3-Iron (2004), The Bow (2005), Time (2006), Breath (2007), Dream (2008), Arirang (2011), Pieta (2012).

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