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The Shanghai 13

The Shanghai 13
All star martial arts extravaganza
Film Summary
Andy LAU, Jimmy WANG-YU, Lu FENG, CHEN Kuan-Tai, Sonny Yu, David CHIANG, Ti LUNG, Danny LEE, CHI Kuan-Chun, WANG Chung, Ricky CHENG
(English subtitles)
Hong Kong
Martial Arts
Film Main Info
During the Sino-Japanese war, a Chinese patriot steals damning evidence that exposes traitorous intentions within the government. Planning to take the evidence from Shanghai to Hong Kong and make it public, he becomes an assassination target. In order to ensure safe passage, he employs an elite ensemble of fighters, The Shanghai Thirteen, to protect him on his treacherous mission. With formidable obstacles ahead and relentless pursuers behind, their only chance is to stand and fight! 
“Every movie has a hero. This one has them all.” - Impact Online
"Before 'THE EXPENDABLES', 'THE SHANGHAI 13' united a wave of well-known eastern performers on a singular mission."
DVD Info
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DVD Special Features: 
Interviews with cast members Lu Feng and Sonny Yu
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