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The Lady Assassin

The Lady Assassin
Mỹ Nhân Kế
A sexy, action packed martial-arts fantasy proving looks can kill.
Film Summary
Nguyen Quang Dung
Tang Thanh Ha, Thanh Hang, NGOC Quyên, KIM Dung, DIEM My
(English subtitles)
Martial Arts
Film Main Info
Four drop dead gorgeous women operate a tavern to lure businessmen and corrupt officials to a bloody death. The sword-fighting sirens take on a new recruit - an innocent young woman whose family has been killed by an evil general- and train her to become a skilled assassin to avenge her family's massacre. Feisty women with dark secrets, evil outlaws, corrupt officials and a healthy dose of martial arts action come together to help create the biggest ever box office hit in Vietnam.
“…classic martials arts…a rare treat…” – twitchfilm
“..colourful action spectacular…” – Sydney Morning Herald
“…pretty girls doing martial arts…” efilmcritic
Cinema Listings: 
23:00, 1 Nov 2013, Hackney Picturehouse, London (screening in 3D)
23:30, 2 Nov 2013, Hackney Picturehouse, London (screening in 3D)
17:00, 3 Nov 2013, Square One, East Winds Film Festival, Coventry (screening in 3D)
21:00, 14 Nov 2013, Greenwich Picturehouse, London (screening in 3D)
21:00, 27 Nov 2013, Prince Charles Cinema, London (screening in 2D)
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