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The King Of Fists And Dollars
The King Of Fists And Dollars
Only the Iron Fist King can overthrow an evil empire …
Film Summary
Ming-hua CHEN
David CHIANG, Danny LEE, Pearl CHEUNG Ling
(English subtitles)
Martial Arts
Film Main Info
A forgotten martial arts classic, featuring a legendary Shaw Brothers' cast. A greedy tyrant rules with relentless aggression. What he can’t buy, he takes by force. The desperate townspeople seek local kung fu master, the Iron Fist King, for help. Backed by his top students, the master takes on the warlord’s formidable hired fighter to rid the community of this powerful bully once and for all, in a brutal battle to the death.
Danny Lee (THE KILLER, THE SHANGHAI 13) and David Chiang (VENGEANCE, BLOOD BROTHERS) star in this action-packed tale of rebellion, as the 'Iron Fist King' takes on a ruthless tyrant, in a brutal battle to the death!
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Mandarin with English subtitles. English dubbed, French dubbed, Spanish dubbed.
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