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The Fox Family
The Fox Family
Gumiho Gajok
A wily family of fox spirits will do anything to become permanently human
Film Summary
Lee Hyung-gon
Ha Jung-woo (THE CHASER), Ju Hyeon, Park Si-yeon
(English subtitles)
South Korea
Film Main Info
A family of Fox Spirits (temporarily masquerading as a travelling circus troupe), have a chance to permanently become humans: the chance occurs only if they each eat a human liver on one specific night in every thousand years when a lunar eclipse occurs... And so the hapless bloody quest begins to find unwitting volunteers. WARNING: contains singing and breakdancing.
" Nothing quite prepares viewers for the unhinged craziness of The Fox Family" - EYE FOR FILM
"The Fox Family is well worth hunting down" - THE DIGITAL FIX
"Remember The Addams Family?[…] Now South Korea boasts The Fox Family, a similarly weird bunch with a Moulin Rouge-esque flair for the theatrical" - ELECTRIC SHEEP
DVD Info
The Fox Family DVD Cover
DVD Release Date: 
10th August 2009
Screen Ratio: 
16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
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