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The Dragon's Snake Fist
The Dragon's Snake Fist
old rivalry explode in a series of some of the best choreographed fight scenes ever filmed
Film Summary
Godfrey HO, KIM Si-Hyeon
Dragon Lee, Yuen Qiu
South Korea
Martial Arts
Film Main Info
Two rival kung fu schools meet up for a secret duel where the loser must cease teaching their particular style. But years after the supposed final duel, family circumstances and bitter defeats lead to resurfacing of old rivalries and the Snake Fist School and Crane Fist school each vow to destroy the other, this time for good.
"Action-packed Opus" - Neo Magazine
"straight from the old school that has ferocious kung fu action and rolls like a freight train toward its bloody finale!" - Kiai-Kick
DVD Info
DVD Release Date: 
15th June 2015
Screen Ratio: 
DVD Special Features: 
Exclusive Interviews with actor Dragon Lee. Exclusive Interview with producer Thomas Tang.
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