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The Detective
C+ Jing Taam
From the director of 'The Eye', 'The Messengers', 'Bangkok Dangerous', 'The Storm Warriors'
Film Summary
Oxide Pang
Aaron Kwok, Sing Fui On, Liu Kai Chi, Lai Yiu Cheung, Seung Tin-ngoh, Suet Siu, Lau Siu Ming
(English subtitles)
Hong Kong
Film Main Info
A stylish and gritty supernatural thriller from horror maestro Oxide Pang (The Eye, The Messengers). A private detective named Tam (Asian superstar Aaron Kwok) is drawn into a complex murder mystery when he is hired to track down a missing young woman. As the trail unfolds it appears that it might be a murder case and that supernatural forces may be at hand. It seems also that there is no one that Tam can trust to tell the truth anymore and truth itself is only revealed in the chilling climax to this intricate story. Set in Bangkok with beautiful art-direction and a booming soundtrack and with a great performance from Aaron Kwok (The Storm Warriors, The Throwdown, After This Our Exile).
Winner of the Film of Merit Award at the Hong Kong Film Festival
Nominated: Aaron Kwok (Best Actor), Hong Kong Film Festival
Best Art Direction Award in the 44th Golden Horse Award
“…hardboiled noir…” – Anton Bitel, Eye for Film
"Pretty darn good because most Hong Kong movies aren't anymore" -
"a neo-noir that refuses to abide by the rules, slickly plotted and splendidly played..." - David Parkinson, Empire Magazine Online
DVD Info
DVD Release Date: 
11th April 2010
Screen Ratio: 
16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD Special Features: 
Making of Featurette
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