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Moebius Kim Ki-duk
Perverse statement on family tensions, sexual boundaries and society's issues with each.
Film Summary
KIM Ki-duk
CHO Jae-hyun, SEO Young-ju, LEE Eun-woo
(English subtitles)
South Korea
Film Main Info
A daring portrayal of a dysfunctional family that is as controversial as the films of Lars von Trier. Initially banned, the latest tour-de-force from Cannes-award winning director plays like a warped Greek tragedy. A teenager is caught between his adulterous father and psychotic mother. An extreme act of revenge forces father and son to deal with its bloody aftermath. This pitch-black study of lust and guilt, circles this destructive family whilst questioning one’s basic sexual desires. An outstanding and unforgettable work from the director of SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER…AND SPRING. Toronto Film Festival described MOEBIUS as bearing, “the clear mark of Kim’s singular genius. It’s a modern Greek tragedy bordering on psychological thriller, a pitchblack comedy, a crazy-weird depiction of pain-induced pleasure.”
Out of competition at the 70th Venice Int'l Film Festival and Toronto Int'l Film Festival.
“Prankster-provocateur Kim Ki-duk's latest film is repulsively funny” - Robbie Collin, THE TELEGRAPH
"Kim Ki-duk's latest is a gloriously off-the-charts study in perversity." - VARIETY
"A weird, powerful, engaging, utterly bonkers Oedipal fairy tale ... astonishing primal power." LITTLE WHITE LIES
"Controversial, extreme, brutal" - TWITCH
"The most intriguing and innovative film of 2014 – simply stunning!" Billy Chainsaw, BIZARRE.
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