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Gangster Payday

Gangster Payday Anthony Wong as a retiring Triad
Gangster Payday
Da Cha Fan
Bad habits die hard
Film Summary
Lee Po Cheung
Anthony WONG, Charlene CHOI, WONG Yau Nam, Carrie NG
(English subtitles)
Hong Kong
Film Main Info
When a retired Triad boss faces threats to his legitimate business from a property development scheme backed by a rival gang, he has no choice but to dive back into the violent Hong Kong underworld one last time. Reunited with his former gang associates, they must settle old scores together and fight for what's theirs - can loyalty and honour still win the day?
"the type of film that once made Hong Kong Cinema unique" -
"In every department, from casting to cinematography, “Gangster Pay Day” taps into the spirit of the 1980s and ’90s golden age of Hong Kong crime movies" - Variety
DVD Info
DVD Release Date: 
Screen Ratio: 
16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD Special Features: 
Exclusive interview with director Lee Po Cheung, trailers, stills gallery
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