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Kim Ki-duk’s rarely seen directorial debut which has never been released in the UK.
Film Summary
KIM ki-duk
Cho Jae-hyeon (The Isle, Bad Guy, Address Unknown, The Kick, The Weight), AHN Jae-Hong, WOO Yoon-kyung, CHUN Moo-song.
(English subtitles)
South Korea
Film Main Info
Kim Ki-duk’s stunning debut CROCODILE is a study of violence in South Korean society and seemingly unlike any other Korean films made before it. It depicts the life of violent thug, Crocodile, who lives with a peddling boy and an old man by the banks of the river Han in Seoul, a popular suicide spot. Homeless Crocodile makes a living by robbing the dead bodies of those who commit suicide by jumping into the river. One day, he saves the life of a suicidal young woman from drowning but only to use her for sex. Keeping her there, he develops an abusive relationship and, despite his temper and violence, a bond soon forms between the four of them. CROCODILE is the grittiest of KIM Ki-duk's early work which led the path to series of intense and highly acclaimed features.
"Crocodile comes with one of those hauntingly beautiful endings for which Kim has since become rightly famous." - LITTLE WHITE LIES
"The brilliance of this film lays in its fragile beauty and its simplicity." - CLOSE-UP FILM
"such imaginative film techniques and striking symbolism makes Crocodile an interesting, engaging, and ultimately very human film." CINE-VUE 4 stars
"an astonishingly accomplished piece of work for a first film" - ORIENTALNIGHTMARES
"he’s undoubtedly an artist, and that’s what Kim Ki-duk proved to be already in 1996." - EASTERNKICKS
"a must for those who wish to see the early, burgeoning talent of one of Korea’s most controversial director" - HANGUL CELLULOID
DVD Special Edition Info
DVD SE Release Date: 
19 Nov 2012
DVD SE Special Features: 
2-disc DVD set including ARIRANG, the director’s long anticipated documentary about his self-imposed exile, winner of “Un Certain Regard” Award at Cannes Festival 2011.
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DVD Release Date: 
9 Sept 2013
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