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07/18/2010 - 20:46
BTZ marketing begins!

Terracotta and Third Window Films set up a pitch at the Film and Comic Con 2010 this weekend, at Earls Court.

Though it was good to see so many anime fans and sci-fi fans, there ultimately wasn't enough Far East Film Fans out there today.

Still, we took great pleasure in recommending films to people who stopped by our stand to browse, even those who hadn't really watched much other than OLD BOY and BATTLE ROYALE (there's more to Asian Cinema than this!!!).

HANSEL & GRETEL continues to be the main draw to lead people in.

Third Windows KAMIKAZE GIRLS and LOVE EXPOSURE were also doing brisk trade.

BIG TITS ZOMBIE began it's first official marketing appearance in the UK with our postcards advertising the title and the key art. Surprisingly, lots of guys seemed to like the title and were looking forward to watching it!
Wish we had time to do some posters for maximum impact.

"Hi" to everyone who stopped by to chat or browse and hope to see you at our regular fortnightly screening events.

Big thanks to Rich and James from the Terracotta team for spending their weekend manning the desk with us.

05/10/2010 - 22:22
Cow, K20, Bodyguards, Dim Sum with Teddy

Slight sore head from the night before was nursed with dim sum with festival guests Teddy Chen and Xavier Jamaux.

Ran across the road to do a filmed interview with Coventry University East Asian Film Society, who we support as sponsors, and then to introduce our UK Premiere of COW - one of my two top picks (FISH STORY was the other).

Then back to dim sum and then took Teddy over to the press interviews we had arranged with him, starting with the lovely Cecilia from TVB.

Another UK Premiere - K:20 The Legend of the Mask this afternoon, a great family orientated action adventure.

Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office kindly sponsored the pre-Bodyguards and Assassins drinks for Teddy Chen, winner of the Best Director Award at Hong Kong Film Awards. Was great way to stop and relax for a bit and meet the festival goers over a quick drink.

After introducing Bodyguards... to a sell out crowd, it was time to get the front of house staff ready for the end of the festival and prepare for the Q&A with Teddy Chen and the closing drinks.

The Q&A was a great success with Teddy Chen starting with a brief recap of the ten years he took to make the film, followed by questions from the audience regarding the production process and Teddys next steps (he is due to make a Shaw Brothers remake!).

At the Closing Drinks at Slug and Lettuce where we had a mingling of British actors and actresses talking with Teddy as well as festival goers chatting with journalists and organisers of other festivals, I chatted with Stewart from Podcast on Fire (did anyone get the play on the words of City on Fire?) the number 1 asian movie podcast and we announced the winner of the Terracotta Festival Audience Award 2010, as voted for by the audience:

Little Big Soldier scored 8.76......Summer Wars scored 8.94 and the winner of the award was......Teddy Chens Bodyguards and Assassins with an astounding 9.03 average!

We celebrated with some congee and duck noodles with Teddy afterwards with a small group of us and then it was off home, the end of another festival, and the prospect of all the post festival tidying up and onward forwarding of film prints around the world to other festivals, an apt metaphor for the brief coming together and then the disbanding around the world of our festival goersfestiva.

05/09/2010 - 09:47
French Connection; Japan Party

ANTIQUE scored highly with the Audience at Terracotta Festival and we had some Ju Ji-hun fans there too!

Continuing our French Connection we welcomed Yves Montmayeur on stage to talk about his two films IN THE MOOD FOR DOYLE and YAKUZA EIGA with a Q&A afterwards with Jasper Sharp, author of Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Cinema, joining us on stage talking about real life yazkua, and how Christopher Doyle got Yves to get on a plane to Bangkok from Paris within two days of calling him.

Johnny Hallydays debut in Hong Kong film, VENGEANCE, was next up and due to the over run (very very interesting talk from Yves!) from the Q&A before hand there was a large crowd outside waiting to come in - apologies to everyone for the slight delay yesterday!

SUMMER WARS was of course another popular crowd pleaser with the an audience make up from a wide age range and many people commented on how funny many parts of it was.

The Japan Night Party with our two excellent bands PETER PARKER ROCKS and SUNSET DRIVE and our DJs Adam Torel and Zoe Lucky Cat was totally packed out! No much room to move at all we were of course delighted that Teddy Chen, director of Bodyguards & Assassins, made a surprise appearance.
Thanks to everyone who came to our party!! Good work by our Volunteer Richard Geddes who single handedly organised the night.

Quick dash across the road to introduce Thai Horror Anthology PHOBIA and then back to the party and then much merriment at Golden Harvest restaurant, Gerrard Street till 3 in the morning with about 40 people wanting to keep on going drinking and eating.

And now......DAY 4 beckons....

05/08/2010 - 09:30
Guests arrive; T-shirt giveaway; music & spicy food

First full day and five films, all of which were UK Premieres - kicked off with DEVELOPMENT HELL, a documentary about the ten turbulent years it took to make BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (our Closing Film).

FISH STORY was very well received - the convoluted plot line with the revelatory ending delighted the crowd!

Our Guests started arriving with Teddy Chen touching down at Heathrow, Yves Montmayeur from Paris readying for his Q&A on Saturday and talking of Q&As Xavier Jamaux held a Q&A after ACCIDENT.

Xavier, also from Paris, talked about how he got into scoring Hong Kong films and the approach of Johnnie To and Soi Cheang to their films and the soundtrack, plus also some insight that he used to play in a band with one of the guys who went on to form the French duo AIR. Our audience had some questions for him ranging from the influence of French films on the Milkyway team as well as the way in which Xavier approaches his compositions for the films he is scoring.

The final act (Part 3) of 20th CENTURY BOYS was played to an anticipating audience and yes...we did tell them not to leave during the credit sequence as there was more footage after that! Thanks to Shazad from Sci Fi London for some 20th Century Boys T-shirts which our Volunteers threw into the crowd.

And the day finished with a couple of tasty treats - whilst the audience were watching the horrific story of a noodle maker using people she killed to spice up her soup stock in MEAT GRINDER, Linh and I took time out to try some spicy food of our own with guests Xavier, Yves and Adam Torel from Third Window Films and Jasper Sharp, author from Midnight Eye, all with their respective better halves, at the very excellent Empress of Sichuan on Lisle street, sampling various permutations of chilli fish, chilli fish with tofu and chilli with chicken and chilli with more chilli (thankfully with ice cold beer to hand!).

Totalled up all the scores on the voting for the Audience Film Award and Jackie Chans LITTLE BIG SOLDIER still in pole position with 8.76.

05/07/2010 - 12:54
Slight setbacks, but all systems go!

so we kicked off with drinks at 6pm. prior to that the Volunteers had a quick bite to eat together in one of our many Official Venue Restaurants where fest goers get discounts on food and drink around chinatown bars and restaurants.

Commes des Garcons were doing a perfume launch in the cinema so we werent allowed in till all these russian models left - locked cinema meant people turning up to buy tickets were turned away - APOLOGIES FROM US TO ALL THOSE THAT DIDNT KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON (we didnt know either! will chat to cinema about this).

meant we had only 20 minutes to set up posters and merch desk which normaly takes us an hour or so. but thanks to our SUPERSTAR VOLUNTEERS all was good.

good turnout for Jackie Chan film. We presented an award to Jackie and showed a pre-recorded video from him after which the audience clapped. they also clapped after our Official Montage which was done by final year film students.

knackered already - 3 more days to go!!!

05/05/2010 - 18:30
Come meet the director of Bodyguards and Assassins

Terracotta Far East Film Festival is honoured to announce that Hong Kong director Teddy Chen will be in attendance at this year's event.

His main film will of course be the recent and long-awaited blockbuster Bodyguards and Assassins, also the closing film at the festival on Sunday, May 9th.

The other film at the festival associated with the celebrated director is Development Hell, a documentary on the turbulent production background of Bodyguards and Assassins. The documentary, which will be having its European Premiere at the Terracotta Festival on Friday, May 7th, charts the blockbuster's dramatic ten-year history and will provide a suspenseful lead-up to the closing film. There will be a Q&A with Chen at the end of Bodyguards and Assassins, so don't miss this rare opportunity!

Grab your tickets now before they sell out!

05/05/2010 - 17:44
The new site with bite

We have relaunched our website to offer more to film-lovers! Bookmark this blog now, subscribe to our newsletter, or grab our updates via the new RSS feed - don't miss out on new releases, special promotions and exclusive events!

And if you're not already clutching your tickets in anticipation, head down to Terracotta Far East Film Festival where you can enjoy Asian films on the big screen for the entire weekend. We also have a great big bunch of discounts for our film-goers. See you there!

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