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12/01/2010 - 23:05
kick off!

We kicked off our release planning for SPARROW and DETECTIVE with an in-house meeting, discussed the marketing of the title and set a date for both to be early 2011 - likely to be April.

Off to Paris to meet with the creme de la creme in the Asian movie scene over there - eurostar and snow willing.

And yesterday we watched Nanking! Nangking aka City of Life and Death....on a Sony TV and a Sony Playstation - the irony wasn't lost on us!

Finally, we've hit December and the Terracotta Christmas Tree is up!

11/30/2010 - 23:10
SPARROW flies to the UK!

This week we announced exclusively on that we have acquired the rights to two new titles:

SPARROW starring Simon Yam and Lam Kar Tung is a comedy caper about a group of pick-pockets who get outwitted by a rival gang.

Oxide Pang, one half of the Pang Brothers who directed global smash hit THE EYE, sees Aaron Kwok as a private detective on the case of a missing person, which gets more and more complex and sinister and seemingly supernatural, the further he digs.

More news on these titles to follow soon.

10/23/2010 - 16:12
festival, LFF, drinks, director, jo sung-hee

Last night director JO sung-hee, who's film THE END OF THE ANIMAL was selected for London Film Festival, met with a small group of us (terracotta staff, Korean Cultural Centre staff and the venerable Tony Rayns) for some drinks in a traditional English pub, showing him the best of British hospitality!

THE END OF ANIMAL has a highly original and suspenseful story line - an apocalyptical, yet unseen event, occurs in the first 5 minutes of the film and the pregnant female lead has to wander through a barren countryside, avoiding unsavoury survivors (everyone else has disappeared after the event, and only a few remain) and guided by a mysterious character, to reach her sanctuary.

sounds like any other post-armageddon scenario film? the tensions, twists, flashbacks, unseen monsters and religous references means this film is more LOST than THE ROAD or MAD MAX - you truly get gripped in the storyline and the characters, and like the long-running TV series, not all questions are answered in the end.

most stand out of all during this is that there is no soundtrack or music for effect, yet the atmosphere and tension is conveyed with the upclose handheld cameras and some remarkable acting by the young cast.

A great achievement for a graduation project!

10/21/2010 - 23:57
Terracotta 2011 dates

Keep these dates free:

Thursday 5th - Sunday 8th May 2011, Terracotta Festival
Prince Charles Cinema, London

Expect more of the great and the good from the world of Far East films!

10/17/2010 - 13:04
Zombies out in force!

Another great zombie night at Prince Charles Cinema where zombies got in for free to our 3D screening of BIG TITS ZOMBIE. We shall get some photos on the way soon!!!

A busy week coming up for Terracotta as we hit London Film Festival and various screenings starting tomorrow with Jia Zhang Ke's I WISH I KNEW.

10/04/2010 - 20:55
busy october!

well it looks like we're in store for a busy October!

Just had a great 3 days at Hyperjapan - thanks to Akiko, Yuca, Ali and rest of the cross media guys for creating this event. It allowed us to meet a great range of people and many with amazing stories and backgrounds.

We also had a lot of interest in BTZ there!

our latest newsletter is here:

and has all the details about our Meetup Group screening of MOTHER ( if you like to join our group)

also in the newsletter you can find info about London Film Festival screenings of Asian films.

09/29/2010 - 20:44
More dates added

BIG TITS ZOMBIE doing well - getting lots of interest, especially from indie cinemas wanting to show it for Halloween.

Check our BIG TITS ZOMBIE page for a list of dates (just confirmed Clapham Picturehouse and we will do a RoboGeisha/BTZ double bill at Barbican as an introduction to the inaugural Zipangu festival). But where are the outside of London cinemas?? C'mon cinema programmers, get involved!

Quick notice, apologies to everyone who came down to PCC dressed up and turned away. We are doing another screening on 16th October - this time, purchase your ticket in advance, turn up on the day in your BIG TITS ZOMBIE outfit BEFORE 8.15pm, and get your ticket refunded.
First 50 zombies only!

09/11/2010 - 12:13

well, it's good to do a bit of housekeeping now and the14 BLADES, THE WORLD, JIA ZHANGKE, DONNIE YENn and today it's about time I looked at the admin for Terracotta and do the invoices and filing etc.

The upside is though, I can have the TV on and go through a whole raft of films. Two new releases in particular stand out - 14 BLADES with Donnie Yen and Vicki Zhao seems a real cut above the usual chinese period epic action films of late, stylish shot and choreographed, it's a much better film from Daniel Lee than THREE KINGDOMS. Released by ICON in the UK with a decent transfer.

A blu ray disc of THE WORLD (Jia Zhangke's drama set in a Beijing theme park THE WORLD - see the world without leaving Beijing) was a welcome present from our friends at EUREKA and the colours of this film look especially rich on blu ray/ HDTV. Will have this playing in the background whilst is sift through my less than colourful paperwork...

09/08/2010 - 21:46
Big Tits Zombie

Got the manufacturing process for BIG TITS ZOMBIE underway - woohoo! Almost there.

Don't forget the BTZ screening at Prince Charles Cinema coming up Friday 17th:

Working on artwork and promotions for it; looking through contract for our next title which we should be announcing soon!!

Thanks to all those who braved the London Tube Strike to come watch Blue Spring, a powerful film about a Japanese high school for delinquents, featuring a mad game of dare.

Catch us at the next screening of carefully selected Far East Films from Terracotta at various locations:

First Tuesday every month we are in Denmark St, Central London; check the url for updates!

07/24/2010 - 13:38
Drinks, Films, People, Merriment

We are getting into the habit of regular blogging, just as work on the festival next year is ramping up and we are getting into the habit of watching films daily to programme (as well as trying to make time for watching latest films in cinema to keep up with whats out there!).

We've been equally busy on working on some events to bring you films, films and more films!

Some dates for your diary relating to Terracotta and all things Asian Movies:

Friday 30th July 6pm
Portobello Pop Up (outdoor cinema on Portobello road)

Third Window Films present their lolita/ harajuku themed colourful film

Tuesday 3rd August 7pm
FISH STORY plus Anything Goes
'Will a punk song save the world from a meteorite impact?'

Denmark St (near Tott Ct Rd)

(please join the facebook group and SHARE or invite your mates)

Tuesday 24th August 7pm - 1am
Harajuku Ball
8 rooms of different anime / cosplay/ karaoke/ Nintendo madness!!

An event by Criminal Records - we will be there to support!
and start promotion for BIG TITS ZOMBIE!

Tuesday 7th September 7pm
September AsianMovies meetup - film tbc

Friday 17th September 8.30pm doors open
Prince Charles Cinema shows BIG TITS ZOMBIE.
Come dressed as a Big Tits Zombie and get in for free!!

After party at Sushi Gaga on Lisle St

We will also be attending the excellent HYPERJAPAN event in October - more on that to follow (check out their site in the meantime!)

Just finalising a Hong Kong retrospective of films in Hampstead - watch this space!!

We realise everything we do is very London centric - if there are similar events to the above that you know of or are involved in, do let us know!!

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