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04/10/2011 - 09:37

Tickets for Terracotta Festival 2011 will go on sale this coming week and we are happy to announce EARLY BIRD PRICES! till 17th April.

To get news on how to purchase tickets, sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date:

FILM 2 in our line up Friday 6th May - HOTEL BLACK CAT, debut feature by Herb Hsu, a tableau of the eclectic residents of HOTEL BLACK CAT each with their own damaged past.

FILM 3 - THE TIGER FACTORY by emerging indie director Woo Ming Jin, a story of a girl in a baby-factory scheme, trying to escape to a better life.

trailers and full synopsis will be on our newly launched site soon!

04/09/2011 - 09:22
get ready!

Getting ready to unveil full Terracotta Festival 2011 Line up. Will be running through line-up here & on our facebook pages over next few days.

Yes, back at the PRINCE CHARLES CINEMA, Leicester Sq/ Chinatown, the legendary venue that mixes Tarantino folklore with Sing-a-long-Sound Of Music.

Opening Film for Terrcotta Festival 2011:

Thursday 5th May THE LOST BLADESMAN.
dir. Alan Mak, Felix Chong (Overheard)

Donnie Yen as Guan Yu, (aka Guang Gong), legendary general & historical figure of Three Kingdoms period, symbol of brotherhood & loyalty, worshipped by triads and policeman alike. Stars also the wondeful Jiang Wen as prime minister/chancellor Cao Cao who kidnaps Guan Yu's beloved to force him to ally with him and break with Liu Bei.

The directors Alan Mak and Felix Chong are also known for being script writers for Infernal Affairs - Donnie Yen action film combined with the Alan Mak and Felix Chong touch makes this surely one of the most hotly anticipated historical action films from China.

We are proud to be opening with this action epic which only just gets a general release in Asia the week before.

with thanks to ICON in the UK.

website & ticket sales live soon - sign up to get notified.

04/06/2011 - 22:29
website switch over site will switch from 2010 edition to 2011 this Friday afternoon - we have everything from sex shop comedy to the latest sammo hung film.

plus many special guests courtesy of KLM, our Official Airline Partner.

04/01/2011 - 07:18
Hyper Japan & Japan Foundation join Terracotta Festival 2011 sponsors

Terracotta Festival are extremely happy today to announce that Hyper Japan ( joins the list of Sponsors for Terracotta Festival 2011. We will cross-promote each others' events. The second Hyper Japan event will be held at Earls Court Olympia in July.

We are also delighted that Japan Foundation London have agreed to offer a grant to our festival this year to assist us in bringing Guests from Japan to the festival.

Hyper Japan and Japan Foundation joins the following Sponsor companies to support Terracotta Festival 2011 and we would like to thank everyone involved:


Line-up of our 3rd edition to be announced soon, though we have already put out a press release to announce the following films:


More to follow and our website will launch next week!

03/28/2011 - 12:32
turn left, Gantz, Liverpool

Well back from HK FILMART (thanks to KLM for bump up into Economy Comfort - first time we turned left on entering a plane!) and straight into planning for upcoming Terracotta Festival (5th - 8th May).

We were delighted to have met so many people, Clement Cheng, dir. GALLANTS, fantasia fest organisers, New York Asian Film Festival organisers, Todd and James from twitch, Marc Walkow from Sushi typhoon (karaoke next year guys, ok?!), our secret Hong Kong director bloggers who will contribute to our monthly newsletter, cast from SEX AND ZEN 3D (and no, we didn't go to the SEX AND ZEN 3D after party!), organisers from Udine Far East Film Festival (one of our favourite festivals!), and upcoming director Daniel Chan who is set to make Jiang Hu 2.

We love the look of a lot of films and looking forward to donnie yens LOST BLADESMAN in particular. Aaron Kwok and Oxide Pang are teaming up for THE DETECTIVE 2. catch our release of THE DETECTIVE this month! you can pre-order on Amazon -

Back onto our festival and we are delighted to announce a tie up with the heavyweight SCI-FI-LONDON, a festival for all things, well, sci-fi, manga, anime and generally genre/ fanboy related. We will jointly market each others festival AND we get to show a film in each others festival.

This year TERRACOTTA FESTIVAL will present GANTZ, based on a smash hit Manga, at SCI-FI-LONDON in April, then in May, SCI-FI-LONDON presents YAKUZA WEAPON (part man, part machine, all yakuza!) at TERRACOTTA FESTIVAL, with Tak Sakaguchi on hand to introduce the film and hold a Q&A afterwards.

Finally, we are also happy to announce that FACT, Liverpool will be playing Johnnie To's SPARROW on 19th - 21st April.

good news all round.

03/23/2011 - 17:01
gallants, Johnnie To Doc, launch party

third and final day (for us - it's a four day thing but we are super efficient) spent meeting a few more sales agents and hearing about more upcoming productions.

grabbed a beer with Gallants director Clement Cheng who is super chilled and will be coming over to Terracotta Festival in May to introduce his film and....we might even organise a film directors Masterclass hosted by him, so stay tuned all you film makers.

Talking of the festival, the market here is also a good place to meet fellow film festival organisers from around the world (not just a place to buy rights) and we met with people from italy, croatia, US, who all run asian film fests or fests that might have a special asian section. good to share ideas, and how things are going. theres a lounge inside the market where you can get dim sum and coffee (which is particularly bad coffee, i have to say, but when it's free...who's complaining! as long it's got caffeine in it) and seemed like a good hub this year to chat to people.

after lunch, to catch up on a bit of admin, we turned our hotel room into a mini office with the three of us from terracotta who came out here, huddled around our hotel room desk. thank god we were given free wifi with the room!

seemed liked everyone was at the launch party of CAR, a new distribution outfit in the US to focus on releasing asian films there (evangelion 2.0, Confessions, Murderer) where we were treated to drinks from our friends from Eleven Arts (thanks Ko!).

and some good news to end on - we acquired the rights to documentary JOHNNIE GOT HIS GUN, directed by long-time Terracotta friend, Yves Montmayeur. This documentary about Johnnie To will be included in our upcoming release of SPARROW in May, along with the Bonus CD soundtrack from Xavier Montmayeur and Fred Avril. So for Johnnie To fans, this is a MUST have collectors item (we are making a limited number only, so make sure you pre-order a copy).

it's JOI GEEN from us, and thanks to HKTDC for their hospitality!

03/23/2011 - 08:26
meetings, directors, japan night

A record breaking 21 meetings back to back (a record for us) in filmart, meeting first in the morning all the korean companies (from independents to the large conglomerate owned ones) where we saw a range of really good films in production. also a good chance to tell Asian companies our festival and that we have KLM as an airline partner so can bring more of their talents over.

Then a quick bite to eat (dim sum naturally) with a close industry friend (who was telling us about his Academy Awards experience as producer of a nominated doc called RESTREPO) and then back to the shopping floor, meeting the Thai companies (lots of horror and guns) and a few indie companies, including the producers of Jia Zhangkes films.

After checking emails (time difference means end of the day here is start of the day back home), off to the Japan Night Party, where we caught up with fellow Londoner and Screen chief critic Mark Adams (it's crazy how we only get to meet someone who lives 20minutes away in London, all the way out here in Hong Kong). thanks to TIFFCOM for the food and drinks!

Then a nightcap and preparation for the next days meetings, and watching a few more films to finalise programming for our film festival.

03/21/2011 - 18:43
fest films confirmed, too many drinks

For DAY 1 we eased ourselves into a fairly productive day and confirmed for our festival YAKUZA WEAPON ("part man, part machine, all yakuza) and KARATE GIRL, the follow up film from teenage karate champion, Rina Takeda (HIGH KICK GIRL!).

you heard it here first.

worked in a good dim sum lunch of course w the terracotta team.

saw some pretty good trailers today including THE DETECTIVE 2, the sequel to our release of Aaron Kwok supernatural thriller, THE DETECTIVE (dir. by Oxide Pang, of Pang Brothers fame).

too many drinks at the Asia Film Awards party, and then, walking around in my tux at a 24 supermarket, we grabbed some instant noodles to bring back to the hotel room!

tomorrow, the real full on work begins - 15mins back to back meetings all day long, save for a lunch break of about an hour.

03/20/2011 - 16:21
what is a Film Market?

For anyone who has been to the Ideal Home Show, or the Wedding Show, or the Baby Show, HK FILMART is essentially a similar thing- instead of a rows and rows of booths selling you home things, or wedding things, or baby things, FILMART is an industry event where you go to meet the film sales agents and distributors, chat, watch trailers, buy the film rights to distribute in your territory.

Like in every market there are buyers and sellers, and the economics of supply and demand, quality and price.

Over the few days, we will bring you regular postings on our experiences with Hong Kong Filmart 2011, what's hot and what' lukewarm, and all the other good fun things about being away from home and meeting people from around the world and what we are selecting for Terracotta Festival 2011.

starting with todays posting...DAY -1.

checked into our hotel, courtesy of HKTDC, the organisers, having already had a couple of days in Hong Kong to get over the jetlag. if you have traveled for business, you know the drill (and it's pretty mundane): unpack, getting our meeting schedule ready, looking through lists of films and party invites (Asian Film Awards tomorrow), ate and drank too much with a few regular friends (upcoming directors, actors and producers).

looking forward to tomorrow!

03/16/2011 - 23:52
they know stuff

Terracotta Festival are delighted to announce partnership with twitchfilm once again as a media partner for Terracotta Festival 2011. is a leading source of information for Asian movie fans and genre fans, a MUST read with your daily cornflakes.

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