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06/30/2011 - 12:31
new acquisition

Breaking story on The Hollywood Reporter - director Sam Voutas, producer Melanie Ansley and everyone at Terracotta Distribution are extremely excited to be working on the UK release of RED LIGHT REVOLUTION, the winner of the Terracotta Festival 2011 Audience Award.

it's literally just been announced, so we will be letting you know more about our newest acquisition in the weeks to come.

The film will get a theatrical release in October in the UK and if you live in London, you can get a sneak peak if you missed it at the festival, via our monthly film club: (sign up!).

It's a great feel good movie, which in the article, the director is quoted as having the same vibe as 'The Full Monty' - an uplifting film about a man caught in harsh economic times.

06/15/2011 - 23:01
paperwork and emails

One thing people will be aware of when they buy a dvd/ cinema ticket is the amount of effort gone into making the film - the casting, the shooting, the editing, the special effects...

One thing you might not be aware of is the time it takes for that film to travel from the finished edit to the cinema/ dvd. This is quite pertinent for die-hard Asian film fans who read about films that come out in Hong Kong or Japan or South Korea but it doesn't get released in the UK till a year or sometimes even two years later.

There's a whole side of the business, almost a cottage industry, where people buy and sell films in Asia, just like you would furniture in an exhibition, and bring it over to the UK. Once a price is agreed, there is a long process of dealing with fine print of the terms and the legal paperwork, then, you have to schedule the release according to a UK release schedule.

We are dealing with the paperwork with three such films and in middle of discussions on three others, and we hope to bring you more concrete (and frankly a bit more exciting) news on them - suffice to say there is a healthy mix of comedy and killer thriller, and they will be fairly current releases in Asia, so you don't have to wait ages anymore!

So if it sounds like we're not doing a lot to feed your fix, it's because we are reading contracts and punching numbers into calculators and all that high-end glamour stuff, and soon we can blog about the films, the directors, the names in them, the plots, the hooks...and if you're good, maybe we can release some photos or even give a sneak preview screening to our blog followers.

06/08/2011 - 18:31
new titles

over some katsu curry at lunch (we like eating at Tsuru, London) we discussed taking over the world as well as future releases. we have always set out to be slightly different and not do all the old tired obvious films, and bring something fresh and to dig a few layers deeper than everyone else to find those rare gems.

it was great that Terracotta Festival helped us unearth a few said gems and we will shortly be making some announcements as to which of them we will be releasing and when.

in the meantime, dont hesitate to leave your thoughts here our on our fb page or tweet your say.

06/07/2011 - 06:52
contracts and preparation

just posted on JoeyTerracotta fb: "working on contracts and schedules at 6am in the morning for our new films isn't at all glamorous -so anyone under the illusion that theres no business like show bizness, i can dispell that."

yes, we are beavering away in the background getting our next set of films ready for you to enjoy. as you can see, we are working out all the legal stuff so can't say anything about the films yet. many of you have been writing in to suggest that we pick up some films from Terracotta Festivals line up this year....and we thought we should too! so stay tuned.

finally we are very impressed with the marketing behind 127Hours dvd/blu release - an account manager from the high brow publication Zoo will be living in an HMV window (yes including sleeping there in a sleeping bag - but he gets benefit of other brand tie-ins like the Lynx girls coming to shower him - told you it was a high brow read) and it's in aid of testicular cancer. A great idea to promote film, work in some other brand sponsorship, and raise money for good causes.

05/09/2011 - 23:23
over in a flash!

thanks to everyone who came to Terracotta Festival 2011!
It was over in a flash and we only had time to tweet and fb about it and not even write on our own blog!
Well.... films, dimsum and beer got in the way.

In summary - many people came to watch 14 film premieres at the festival, made new friends, met Tak Sakaguchi, Rina Takeda, Sam Voutas, Clement Cheng, Kim Kkobbi, sang karaoke at our party, attended the masterclasses given by the three directors and throughout the four days, everyone seemed to enjoy every minute of it!

The audience were treated to great Q&As from our guests - Rina Takeda gave a karate performance, Tak Sakaguchi showed trailers of his upcoming films, Sam Voutas brought a blow up doll on stage and Clement Cheng talked about his jam sessions with Teddy Robin and Sam Hui.

And the winner of the Terracotta Festival 2011 Audience Award goes to.....RED LIGHT REVOLUTION directed by Sam Voutas!

All in all, a great event. All we need is for each of you to bring a friend next year as it would make us happy to be able to show these great films that we spent eight months sourcing and securing to even more people!

04/27/2011 - 00:42
get closer!

you can follow #TerracottaFestival via:



or RSS our blog!

04/24/2011 - 16:36
Man of Vendetta

the fifth film at TerracottaFestival - UK Premiere of Korean thriller MAN OF VENDETTA -

Eight years after his daughter has been kidnapped, a father gets a call from the kidnapper.

Lots of suspsense and adrenaline filled chases as you would expect from Korean thrillers.

04/20/2011 - 21:40
serial killer love story

fourth film out of our 14 premieres: REVENGE:A LOVE. STORY.

Juno Mak and Japanese superstar Sola Aoi in dark violent thriller about a serial killer targetting pregnant women.
see the trailer:

5th-8th May 2011

tweet about us! #TerracottaFestival

04/17/2011 - 10:21
Early Bird Tickets ends soon!

Discount early bird tickets to #TerracottaFestival end this Tuesday (19th) at 10pm
14 premieres, plus guest directors & actors, masterclasses plus parties!

Attending the festival will be Tak Sakaguchi (Versus, Yakuza Weapon), Rina Takeda (High Kick Girl!, Karate Girl), Clement Cheng (Gallants), Sam Voutas (Red Light Revolution) -
5th - 8th May, London

04/14/2011 - 23:40
Picked the wrong time to be busy!

Unusually hot weather in London recently made me think that we picked the wrong time to be busy!

Met with all the Festival 2011 team, some new members for the first time and had an induction over a few drinks (also met with one of the graphic designers for the first time from our awesome agency WHAT IS BOBO).

And in between the madness of organising a festival (meeting staff, working on brochures and website proof-reading, organising Guest flights) we have to finish the marketing on SPARROW theatrical release (SPARROW in cinemas Friday 15th April!!!) and the QC of the DVD release. Luckily we have a new intern on hand to share the duties, the wonderfully named 'Zu'.

Zu has joined us as our previous interns have now moved up: Richard Geddes is now Product and Events Manager and the Claire Marty has become our Press Officer. Both Richard and Claire have put in an enormous amount of effort and joined us to do what we love - bringing quality Asian films to UK audiences.

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