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01/14/2012 - 23:17

Terracotta Festival confirms the first of it's Sponsors and Media Partners, with Hyperjapan today coming on board as a Media Partner.

The deal continues the relationship between Terracotta Festival and Hyperjapan which has now moved to a February date and a new venue.

From FRIDAY 24TH - SUNDAY 26TH February, we will be down at Earls Court catching the latest in cool Japanese pop culture, cosplay, the latest console game releases and.....MIKI SATOSHI!!! Yes, Miki Satoshi, of Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers and Adrift in Tokyo fame.

We will also have a spot to showcase our latest film releases and give a preview of our Festival as well.

Click here for HYPERJAPAN tickets and information:

12/11/2011 - 22:25
Korean promotions at Terracotta

So would you call someone into Korean culture a 'Han-o-phile'? Do let us know what the correct term is!

Anyways, we have intimated that our lack of blog posting is not due to lack of activity inside of Terracotta Towers.

We had a busy time helping to promote a K-pop tour in the UK that saw the United Cube artists take over Brixton Academy ( and we were working on a competition in conjunction with the Asian record label, the UK record label and (with thanks to Sophia and Jeremy there). See the excellent review from the kpopconcerts site and photos here:

We have noticed though, that kpop fans may not be into Korean films (they might touch upon K-drama's given the ubiquity of pop stars cast in the prime time soap machines) although, on the other side, Korean film fans have some knowledge about Kpop bands and songs - let's try re-address that and share your DVDs and film knowledge with the Kpop cousins!

On the subject of all things Korean, we participated in an interview conducted by, an influential and authoritative website following Korean film production news as well as international developments - read the comprehensive article by industry expert Robert Mitchell, here:

For the final note, we have been watching plenty of Korean films of course, to sift through and find the gems to showcase to you in 2012 at the Terracotta Festival ( 12 - 15 April) and working hard on some contracts for films that are already known to us, to distribute on DVD and hopefully cinema next year!

12/08/2011 - 22:04
new stuff, old stuff, more stuff

Many of you may feel that if we haven't posted any recent blog entries that we have gone for an early Christmas.

Far from.

We are working hard behind the scenes buying films, watching films, getting new supply chains in place, meeting new people, working on some business and industry-wide challenges, so, that come the new year, we can start to seamlessly deliver more and more Far East film to you whether it's via the cinema or your ipad and you junkies can get your fix, anywhere.

Soon, we will be able to announce a raft of new acquisitions ranging from a controversial documentary to a thriller that's not even yet finished shooting.

So, in the next few weeks, expect more films, in more cinemas and on more devices in the new year, as well as the start of some news of our line up of Terracotta Festival 2012 (Apr 12th - Apr 15th next year).

10/30/2011 - 09:02
New dates, same venue

Terracotta Festival 2012 will be held in April (a move from the normal May month).

APRIL 12th Thurs - APRIL 15th Sunday

Same venue at the Prince Charles Cinema. Same great team bringing you the latest in Far East Cinema, the big guest directors and actors, the masterclasses and parties, and THE festival in the UK for quality Asian Cinema.

10/10/2011 - 06:05
limited availability today!

Due to on going fluctuations of stock delivery behind the scenes (for those of you who just joined us, all our stock was lost in the Sony DADC warehouse fire during the UK riots), we actually do have limited copies of DEATH BELL in stores today!!!

You won't have to wait till the 24th anymore as previously advised, though amounts of stock are limited so do make sure you grab your copy in-store or online.

High-school slasher horror flick starring K-pop star Nam gyuri and K-drama eye candy Kim Beom.

10/04/2011 - 23:31
new release date: 24th Oct

Well, we originally wanted this gem of a horror film to be near to Halloween anyways.

However, providence (or rather, logistical disruptions due to Sony DADC warehouse fire during the riots) means our release will now be pushed back from 10th Oct to 24th Oct.

Since it's quite a popular title and pre-order demand is already quite high, we urge you to pre-order your copy if you are seriously thinking of buying it. It will also take a while to re-ship more to stores once we have sold out.

So, here is where you can pre-order your copy to ensure you get yours:

In-store- HMV, fopp, your supermarket (ask the staff to pre-order it for you), your local independent video store (support local businesses!)


Apologies for those of you looking forward to getting a copy this coming Monday (even we don't have a finished copy yet!).

09/23/2011 - 00:50
Coventry University receive Terracotta donations

We are happy to bring you some positive news: to mark the opening of a new state of the art screening room at Coventry University, we have donated our 35mm film prints to the Media and Communications faculty there.

Terracotta have been active as a sponsor with their East Asian Film Club, with many Coventry students coming to Terracotta Festival and making a film about the festival and interviewing directors at the festival as part of their project coursework. We have also gathered good feedback from doing test screenings with the film club.

Students can looking forward to watching cinema prints of films like HANSEL & GRETEL and BREATHLESS on their brand new big screen AND on our side, we can sleep well at night, knowing that their impressive dedicated film storage facility will house our prints securely and at the right temperature!

One of our aims in setting up Terracotta is to encourage the next generation of film lovers to watch more Far East Films, and Coventry University have certainly embraced that.

Spencer Murphy, lecturer at the Media and Communications faculty said "This latest act of generosity to our society, the donation of a number of 35mm film prints, is testament to the Terracotta’s investment in not only our University, but in the broader appreciation of East Asian film in the UK. I am immensely proud for our society to be associated with Terracotta, and I know I speak on behalf of all the students in saying a massive thank you"

We are also linked with Cambridge University East Asian Society and welcome links with other universities and film schools.

09/01/2011 - 23:41

Yes, it's true.

In amongst trying to save the company after we lost all of our stock in the UK riots (which some media sources, fittingly for a film scenario, are purporting to be a heist job - , we managed to sign a new film.

Wong Ching Po's REVENGE: A LOVE STORY is going to be the second title in our new TERROR-COTTA label and it will be released in cinemas in UK this November.

Terracotta Festival goers will have seen it already earlier this year (

Starring award winning Juno Mak (DREAM HOME) and Sola Aoi (BIG TITS ZOMBIE), the film is about a serial-killer who targets pregnant women (and cuts out their unborn child), told from the point of view of the killer.

The film is still making the festival rounds internationally (having picked up numerous Best Film and Best Actor awards already) and we are delighted to be able to release it in the UK.

Full news item is here:

08/09/2011 - 21:39
stock destroyed in London riots

Thank you to all the well wishers who have sent messages/ tweeted/ blogged/ FB posted/ emailed/ good o'l fashion telephone called us today.

The Enfield warehouse and distribution centre that house and distribute our stock, along with other major and indie film and record labels, was burnt down in the London riots.

There is extensive coverage in the media, and online, of the Sony DADC facility, and pictures show it is totally burnt out and we are working on the assumption that none of our stock is recoverable.

Being a niche label in, already, difficult economic conditions, this will of course hurt us in many ways.

First and foremost though, we are glad that no one at the Sony site was injured.

Secondly we gratefully received the news that an alternative warehouse will be in operation from Monday and that we are already manufacturing our DVDs in order to rebuild our library of titles.

Would again like to reiterate thanks to all the well wishers, and the bloggers who keep dropping references to our titles when they mention the fire incident, and everyone who has been posting Amazon and Mubi links of our films - we are feeling lots of positive and heart-warming support from you all!

07/14/2011 - 00:03
horror has a new home

Lot's been going on behind the scenes at Terracotta and we have been working hard to get new and exciting things to you.

First up - in October (halloween time) we will launch a new imprint label: TERROR-COTTA (see what we did there!?).

Our first release will be the Korean horror DEATH BELL. It's like HOSTEL meets 90210 - students at an elite school get trapped there and subjected to a series of sadistic games and quizzes, and one student dies for every incorrect answer.

check the trailer here:

Secondly, to enhance our intern programme, we have been putting together a series of talks by leading industry figures. Tonight we had a talk from Cathy Ma who headed up Community Building at Yahoo! and is curently at IPC Magazine group, leading the social strategy there. What this means for us is that we will benefit from this industry knowledge to help reach more people and effectively communicate with them about Far East cinema, honing what people like/dislike so we can bring the right product to you.

Finally, as part of the TERROR-COTTA label, we are super super excited to announce a new acquisition - the film has not yet been finished and stars Hong Kong legend Lau Ching Wan investigating a serial killer who mimics fairytales. Tentatively, we have called this film FAIRY TALE KILLLER and we will release this when it's finished and bring the LATEST films to you so you don't have to wait ages for a film to travel from Asia to the UK.

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