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Terracotta Distribution expands
new label SHARP TEETH FILMS launched

Sharp Teeth Films promises to bring a taste of the unusual to UK audiences via cinema, DVD and VOD releases. Our carefully selected line-up will include a mix of languages and genres, with a focus on stand-out stories that are provocative and fascinating … films with ‘bite’.

Sharp Teeth Films launched in September 2015 with a limited theatrical run of Jim Carey-produced documentary RUBBLE KINGS, highlighting the true story that inspired the 1979 cult classic The Warriors. RUBBLE KINGS was executive produced by Saboteur, a Goldcrest company.

Terracotta Distribution will continue to release entertaining Asian films in UK cinemas, on DVD and VOD.

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About Terracotta Distribution

Terracotta Distribution is part of the Terracotta Entertainment Group.

Terracotta promotes Far East films in the UK via: the annual Terracotta Festival, a monthly free film club, a monthly newsletter, and frequent competitions and exclusive screenings.

Terracotta Distribution releases quality Asian Cinema across all platforms, with no stipulation on country or genre, and recently launched an imprint label, Terror-Cotta.