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Team Terracotta have been busy behind the scenes (too busy to blog you might say!) bringing you entertainment on all fronts. First off, we co-organised a highly successful Hong Kong 15 Film Festival in conjunction with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, to celebrate 15 years of Hong Kong's return to China. 15 films over 15 days where we featured the latest films (Wu Xia, A Simple Life) some significant ones since 1997 (Made In Hong Kong, Infernal Affairs) and a shaw brothers double-bill.

Next up, and without a break, straight into Terracotta Touring Festival 2012 where for the first time we take the festival on tour to Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, London. Dates coming up include Mile Ends excellent Genesis Cinema plus the Nottingham Broadway in November.

London Korean Film Festival is due in November and we are showing our latest film THE KING OF PIGS there. Planning a January cinema release for this one.

We have been asked to programme the Asian strand of the London Comedy Film Festival which takes place in Jan 2013.

Work is under way for Terracotta 2013 which we will tell you more about soon.

Part of the team went to Busan International Film Festival for the purpose of seeing films for next years festival and to talk to producers and directors about their upcoming projects. See photos here:

Part of the team stayed in London to attend London Film Festival which is still on going.

If that's still not too much excitement for you to stomach, then check out our terrifying 2 DVDs for £6.66 offer...happy halloween! our new shop:

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