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One thing people will be aware of when they buy a dvd/ cinema ticket is the amount of effort gone into making the film - the casting, the shooting, the editing, the special effects...

One thing you might not be aware of is the time it takes for that film to travel from the finished edit to the cinema/ dvd. This is quite pertinent for die-hard Asian film fans who read about films that come out in Hong Kong or Japan or South Korea but it doesn't get released in the UK till a year or sometimes even two years later.

There's a whole side of the business, almost a cottage industry, where people buy and sell films in Asia, just like you would furniture in an exhibition, and bring it over to the UK. Once a price is agreed, there is a long process of dealing with fine print of the terms and the legal paperwork, then, you have to schedule the release according to a UK release schedule.

We are dealing with the paperwork with three such films and in middle of discussions on three others, and we hope to bring you more concrete (and frankly a bit more exciting) news on them - suffice to say there is a healthy mix of comedy and killer thriller, and they will be fairly current releases in Asia, so you don't have to wait ages anymore!

So if it sounds like we're not doing a lot to feed your fix, it's because we are reading contracts and punching numbers into calculators and all that high-end glamour stuff, and soon we can blog about the films, the directors, the names in them, the plots, the hooks...and if you're good, maybe we can release some photos or even give a sneak preview screening to our blog followers.

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