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Terracotta Festival 2011
over in a flash!

thanks to everyone who came to Terracotta Festival 2011!
It was over in a flash and we only had time to tweet and fb about it and not even write on our own blog!
Well.... films, dimsum and beer got in the way.

In summary - many people came to watch 14 film premieres at the festival, made new friends, met Tak Sakaguchi, Rina Takeda, Sam Voutas, Clement Cheng, Kim Kkobbi, sang karaoke at our party, attended the masterclasses given by the three directors and throughout the four days, everyone seemed to enjoy every minute of it!

The audience were treated to great Q&As from our guests - Rina Takeda gave a karate performance, Tak Sakaguchi showed trailers of his upcoming films, Sam Voutas brought a blow up doll on stage and Clement Cheng talked about his jam sessions with Teddy Robin and Sam Hui.

And the winner of the Terracotta Festival 2011 Audience Award goes to.....RED LIGHT REVOLUTION directed by Sam Voutas!

All in all, a great event. All we need is for each of you to bring a friend next year as it would make us happy to be able to show these great films that we spent eight months sourcing and securing to even more people!

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